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Center for Public Investment Management (CPIM)

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Local government finance officers play an important role in investing, managing, and protecting Ohio’s public funds. We support them in doing it—every day.

What is the Center for Public Investment Management (CPIM)?

The Center for Public Investment Management (CPIM) provides continuing education to Ohio's public funds managers and their oversight authorities as required by Ohio Revised Code sections 135.22 and 321.46. In order to obtain required continuing education credits, public funds managers can participate in CPIM conferences, CPIM accredited course(s) sponsored by a professional association, or CPIM online courses.

CPIM offers the highest standard of comprehensive education and instruction in the areas of finance, investments, cash management (including debt issuance and debt management), and ethics. 

How it can help
The Ohio Treasury’s CPIM program provides government finance officers high-quality support and gives Ohioans confidence in their finance officers’ decisions and leadership.

Coming in February
We’re looking forward to the release of our new web portal which will include the following features and upgrades:
  • A simple payment process with immediate confirmation of receipt
  • A searchable CPIM schedule, including accredited professional association conferences across the state
  • Simple “log in, click, and watch” online courses for CPIM credit – the system will track your progress and record hours for you
  • The ability to report your CPIM credit hours or apply for an exemption right from your smart phone or computer
  • Immediate access to your CPIM certificate once your requirements have been met, including up to 5 years in the past
  • And much more!
In preparation for the transition to the new system, some features of the CPIM program will be unavailable until our new web portal is available in February.  Keep checking back for updates.

Visiting our new website will require all fiscal officers to log in using the email address previously provided to CPIM.  If you never provided an email address to us in the past, call us at (800) 228-1102, and we’ll update our records.

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