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Through Ohio Treasury's Renew & Rebuild Ohio linked deposit program, small business owners, farmers, and homeowners affected by the floods and severe weather are now eligible to receive interest rate reductions on loans.

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How can the Treasurer help me repair my home or business from severe weather damage?
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Record Herald: State Treasurer visits Washington High School

By Martin Graham | Washington C.H. Record Herald

State Treasurer Josh Mandel visited Washington High School Wednesday afternoon to show his appreciation for the efforts the teachers and school board have been making to increase the amount of financial literacy and economic lessons students receive.

Mandel paid a visit to teacher Paul LaRue’s class.

In 2007, the Ohio Congress passed Senate Bill 311 which changed the rules for graduation in Ohio. The bill established several important requirements. The amount of units or credits required for graduation was changed, the requirement that every student has two semesters of fine arts was put into effect, and it also established the requirement that all districts must integrate economics and financial literacy instruction into a required social studies course or another class.

“If your finances are out of control it can add stress to the rest of your life,” Mandel said to the class. “It is important that you learn now how best to deal with debt.”

Mandel congratulated LaRue on his excellent work towards teaching the curriculum and said LaRue has even gone above and beyond Mandel’s expectations. Washington City Schools not only teach financial literacy at the high school level, but also require more economics and wealth management in earlier grades than most other school districts around the state, according to Mandel.

He was also impressed with the school district’s use of technology to help encourage learning, “This is really nice what your school has. In some schools they don’t have smart boards and laptops. It’s really nice to see them being utilized here,” Mandel said. “That is what is good about SB 311 is - that it doesn’t require a specific way to teach this curriculum and that leaves it up to the teachers personal preference on how best to approach this important subject.”

LaRue was also presented with a proclamation from Mandel and the Ohio Treasurer’s Office for his work.

Financial Literacy Officer for the State Treasurer’s Office, Lindsay Blair said, “Paul was instrumental in our efforts to figure out how to present all this information to other teachers. He gave us insight on how to best proceed whether it be with non-technology teaching, like textbooks and printed work, or with technology.”
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