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Forms & Documents

RFP  |  RFI  |  RFQ  |  RFC


2020 Banking Services

 Banking Services RFP   |   Questions and Responses   |   Clarification

Banking Services Agreement Accounts Balances

2020 Ohio STABLE Account Service Provider

Request for Proposal | Questions and Responses

2020 Custody Services

Global Custody Services RFI  |  Questions and Responses

Domestic Custody Services RFP  |  Questions and Responses

Agency Collateral

Agency Collateral Pledge and Release Procedures
Agency Collateral Pledge Form
Agency Collateral Request for Release Form

Bank Account Worksheets

New Bank Account Form

Custodial Bank Account Forms

Custodial Account Check Cancellation Stop Payment
Custodial Account Deposit
Custodial Account EFT/ACH Withdrawal
Adjustment Request
Custodial Account Bank Adjustment Form
Custodial Account Check Withdrawal
Provisional Funds Withdrawal
Provisional Funds Deposit
Accounting Custodial Account Withdrawal

For Financial Institutions

2020-2022 Documents
Trustee Agreement
FHLB Trustee Agreement
Depository Application and Agreement for Public Funds
Instructions for Depository Application
Collateral Policy
State Treasury Depository Bond
Trustee Pledge Confirmation
Trustee Release Confirmation
Instructions for Release of Collateral
Request for Release of Collateral Forms


Investment Policy

Ohio Pooled Collateral System

Program Forms

Reparations Rotary

Remittance Form for Courts (word)
Remittance Form for Courts (PDF)


Investment Policy
STAR Ohio Authorized Signers Certification
OBM Authorization
Informational Booklet and Application

Other Forms

ACH Financial Transaction Device
Merchant Services Set Up Form

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