Energy conservation for Ohioans

ECO-Link helps Ohioans finance home improvement projects including remodeling, roofing, siding, heating and cooling system replacement, solar power, appliances, landscaping, and more. 

Eligible borrowers can receive up to a 3% interest rate reduction on new or existing home improvement loans up to $50,000.

These investments not only assist homeowners in financing improvement projects, but also support local businesses specializing in home improvement services and products. 


Eligible applicants:

    • MUST use loan for a primary residence located in Ohio;
    • MUST own an existing house or condo. However, additional residential classifications may be eligible (New builds may be eligible for energy efficient upgrades only.);
    • MUST receive loan approval from a participating financial institution prior to applying for ECO-Link;
    • MUST use all loan proceeds for home improvements; and
    • MUST submit official estimates or receipts for the total amount of the home improvement loan.


  • After the online ECO-Link application is submitted and the loan officer confirms the terms of the loan, the Ohio Treasury begins the review process.
  • If all eligibility criteria are met, the application is approved and notifications are sent to alert the owner and financial institution.
  • Upon request from the financial institution, the Ohio Treasury will purchase an investment at a below-market rate.
  • The financial institution uses the interest generated to offset the interest rate reduction to pass savings onto the borrower.


  • Click here to view a list of eligible financial institutions.
  • Apply for a home improvement loan at a participating financial institution.
  • After loan terms are determined, both the owner and loan officer complete online applications 
    PDF application for reference only)
  • For more information on ECO-Link, contact us by phone at 1-800-228-1102, or by email at [email protected].