Financial Literacy

An individual’s path to success starts at an early age. Innovative and effective financial literacy education better ensures young people are ready to navigate the challenges and decisions that come later in life.

The Ohio Treasurer’s office is committed to providing information and resources to help individuals secure a sound financial future, while also recognizing the people and organizations across the state who are making financial literacy education and empowerment a priority.

The following highlights some of the initiatives currently being led by the Treasurer’s office:


Compass Awards 


The recognition program honors organizations, programs, and individuals across Ohio who are working to advance financial literacy and empowerment. Compass Award honorees have demonstrated a track record of success in preparing young Ohioans to make wise financial decisions down the road.  Click here for more information.


A student holding a piggy bank 


Treasurer Sprague has partnered with The Ohio State University to expand the use of the Real Money. Real World. financial education program throughout K-12 schools in Ohio. Real Money. Real World. is a financial literacy program designed for youth ages 12-18 and includes an interactive spending simulation.  The program presents students with scenarios aimed at making lifestyle and budget choices similar to the ones they will make as adults. Click here for more information.


Financial Literacy Resource Guide 


The Financial Literacy Resource Guide contains a series of helpful online resources intended to assist Ohioans in making informed financial decisions in both the short and long-terms. The resources can help individuals better understand and navigate common financial challenges, while working toward their overall financial goals. Click here for more information.