Motor Vehicle & Watercraft Sales Tax

The State of Ohio Treasurer is responsible for the collection of motor vehicle and watercraft sales tax proceeds from counties in Ohio. This page should only be used by county officials and to remit motor vehicle and watercraft sales tax collections from your and other counties.



 Make Payment


Notice: This payment processing portal is not for the general public to make payments of any kind. The intended use for this website is only for County Official’s to process county motor vehicle and watercraft sales taxes online.

This is an fast and easy tool for county officials to report county motor vehicle and watercraft sales taxes online.

  • Enter your collections data from the TOTALS section of the STaxrmit report.
  • Enter adjustment or forfeiture data, if applicable.
  • Verify the total dollar amount to be debited.
  • Enter your banking information for a debit of your account.
  • Print a confirmation for your records.

Accurate, timely reporting of payments keeps Ohio counties in compliance and ensures the Ohio Treasury has the money the state needs to operate effectively.

BAM Instructions

The Treasurer of State has created this online tool for County Clerks of Court to electronically file and remit the weekly collection of sales and use tax resulting from the titling of motor vehicles, watercraft, and outboard motors.

The report must be filed with the Treasurer of State by the Friday after the end of the reporting week. Deposit cut-off time is 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Any payments made after 3:00 p.m. ET will be processed the next banking day.

Begin Online Payment
Run the weekly sales tax remittance report STaxRmit.rdf. Be sure to have your bank routing number and account number available. Click on “Resources' then ‘Motor Vehicle & Watercraft’ and then 'Make Payment"

Select your county name from the drop-down box. Click 'Continue'.

Paying County Information
The first time you log on, you will need to complete some basic information about your office. For the contact person, please enter the person responsible for filing the report. Check each 'Save as new' box (by clicking on it) to save the information. In the future, only changes need to be entered and saved as new. You must always check the 'Authorization' box. Click 'Continue'.

Remittance Entry
Enter the date (MM/DD/YYYY) of the Sunday that begins the week of the report you are filing. You may click on the calendar icon to select the date instead of keying it in. The Saturday week ending date will be calculated automatically.

From the StaxRmit.rdf report, look for the 8 breakdowns of MOTOR and WATER located on the last page at the bottom right.

These items are entered in the same order and format on the screen. The Subtotal and Total of each column and the Total Remittance (gray lines) will be calculated for you as you use the 'Tab' key to move from box to box. If you have adjustments due to bad checks or forfeiture of poundage, see the Adjustment Entry or Forfeiture Entry sections below. Review your entry in each box for accuracy. Click the 'Get Totals' button to preview the totals for your remittance. When you're ready to submit your remittance, check the box under Total Remittance to acknowledge the amount to be paid. Click 'Continue'.

Payment Banking Information
Select the type of account from which the funds will be withdrawn; checking or savings. Enter the bank routing number and account number. Scroll down to enter the bank account number a second time for confirmation. Click 'Continue'.

Payment Verification
Carefully review the payment information you entered. This is the last opportunity to make changes. Select an option to 'Change Payment Information' or 'Submit Payment Request'. To avoid duplicate payments being taken from your bank account, click the Submit button only once (or press Enter only once). Once the payment has been submitted, you will see a printable confirmation page.

Adjustment Entry
Use the Adjustment boxes to add or deduct an adjustment on the report. Adjustments should be entered in the motor vehicle column, even if the payment applies to a watercraft purchase. There may not be sufficient tax in the watercraft column to offset a deduction. To report a returned check, the entry will be negative, so enter a minus sign (-) before the amount. To report a recovery for a previously deducted bad check, the amount will be positive. The totals will be calculated for you. Enter an explanation for the adjustment (e.g. Bad Check. J. Smith).

Forfeiture Entry
Use the Forfeiture boxes only if you have been instructed by the Department of Taxation to forfeit the poundage from a previous report due to late filing. Enter the amount for motor vehicle and watercraft poundage accordingly for poundage for your county, not the poundage for other counties. The Totals will be calculated for you. Select the date of the ending Saturday (MM/DD/YYYY) of the week of the report for which the poundage is being forfeited. You may click on the calendar icon to select the date instead of keying in the date.

You may download the instructions and a sample StaxRmit.rdf report by clicking one of the links below:

Do I need to pre-register to use the online process?
Yes, the first time you use the online process you will be asked to supply basic information about your office. This information will be saved if you click the 'Save as new' boxes.

Do I have to use the online process?
Yes, the Treasurer of State will no longer accept checks and if received, the check will be returned.

How will the payment be noted on my bank account?
Your bank statement will identify the deduction as '8205OHIO-TOSMVWC’.

Why will the poundage be forfeited?
If you have a history of filing and paying the report on an untimely basis, state law allows the Department of Taxation to deny the poundage allowed for the County Clerks of Court and require the Clerks to pay the poundage claimed on a subsequent report. The Department of Taxation will notify you if you are required to forfeit the poundage.

What if there is a negative amount in the Watercraft total due to poundage allowed to another county when there was no tax or poundage for my county?
When entering the required tax and poundage amounts from the Sales Tax Remittance Report, should any of the amounts be negative, enter the negative amount as a motor vehicle adjustment.  This allows all payments to be made through the payment portal. Should you have any questions, please contact the Department of Taxation’s Revenue Accounting Division at (614) 466-7150 or email [email protected].

What if the bank rejects my payment?
If the bank rejects the payment due to the wrong account number being entered, you may resubmit the report and payment online as long as information is entered correctly. If the payment is rejected for some other reason, you may resubmit online as long as the situation that gave rise to the error is corrected.

Who do I contact at the Treasurer’s office if I have questions about the online process?
Email the Treasurer of State at [email protected].