Pay-For-Success Initiative

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What is ResultsOHIO?

ResultsOHIO is an infrastructure within the Treasurer’s office that enables policymakers and innovators to pursue pay-for-success (PFS) projects aimed at tackling the most pressing social and public health challenges facing Ohio. The program’s infrastructure assesses prospective PFS projects and shepherds their eventual launch and implementation.


How does it work?

ResultsOHIO aims to support PFS initiatives championed by policymakers at the state and local levels of governments.  The program acts as a facilitator for new and innovative projects committed to combatting the complex and persistent problems facing our communities.

By using ResultsOHIO’s streamlined and uniform process for assessment, prospective projects can get one step closer to taking root in Ohio.



Following the completion of the ResultsOHIO assessment, applications deemed “PFS Appropriate and Ready” receive a ResultsOHIO Feasibility Report to assist in advocating for outcomes funding. Should a proposal be deemed “PFS Appropriate, but Not Ready,” the applicant  may be given the opportunity to develop the project and re-submit based on feedback through the ResultsOHIO screening process.


What are the benefits of ResultsOHIO?

Traditionally, pay-for-success projects have been used to address policy issues related to public health, education, workforce development, and criminal justice. But, any public policy challenge that has identifiable, measurable outcomes may be a candidate under the ResultsOHIO model.

ResultsOHIO ensures prospective projects are assessed through a consistent and accountable process so that policymakers can consider them for implementation. Being deemed “PFS Appropriate and Ready” through ResultsOHIO serves as a seal of approval for a project, endorsing its ability to be launched under a pay-for-success framework (should the project earn the support of policymakers and receive funding).

But, most importantly, ResultsOHIO protects taxpayer dollars by focusing on bold, new outcomes-based ideas. Public dollars will only be used to pay for a project if it is proven to deliver real results at its conclusion.